the dollop story

What really is dollop?

Yes, it’s a gentle and effective skincare brand.  

But dollop is also a way of life.

It’s a belief  — that life is better when you take better care of yourself.

It’s a nudge, to hold yourself to more empathy and fewer expectations.

It’s appreciating those feel-good moments when life is great, and holding onto them when life could be better.

Most of all, dollop is a reminder to go easy on yourself, and your skin.

And yes, it is also a gentle and effective skincare brand.

Every dollop is crafted to give you the results you really need, not the ones you’re made to want. Every formulation is created with powerful actives, at lower, gentler concentrations.

It isn’t fast results or fake promises.
It’s real solutions for real people.

dollop is intentional and empathetic skincare that makes you feel good and your skin look good.

The way it should.